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Marlies Fitch Ledbetter

CEO and Founder


Our fearless leader, motivational speaker and product knowledge expert.  And she isn't afraid to dose you in the middle of a conversation.  Her passion, enthusiasm, exceptional leadership and community impact work makes us proud to call her "The Boss."  Get to know her on her social media platforms!

Marlies brings a passion for the CBD industry along with long background in cannabis advocacy and research. She spent years working in business development, recruiting, human capital management and IT. She has been able to offer consulting to her clients in a multifaceted approach. Her interest and experience in natural remedies was driven by a deformity she was born with that was failed by traditional medicine, and led her to the Cannabis world 20 years ago. She began CBD trials in 2014 and knew it was the future of plant medicine....it was only a matter of time.

Marlies grew up on the stage as a professional singer, and that fed her desire to be a motivational speaker, trainer and sales leader for the cannabis industry. She brings the resilience of her family history as well as deep-rooted values of integrity, community, and a true sense of family.

Marlies says impact radiates through the passion she commits to the movement every day. And that comes with hard work. She stepped into this world with a vast corporate background that would lend to the overall diversity of the team. That includes many facets including affiliate development, research/training, marketing, managing and expanding the company’s profound commitment to give back to communities.

All it took was saying "WHY N​OT?"

It began with a seizure.  One that would put Marlies, the owner of Indie Hemp Co, into the ER with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Because when she had a grand mal seizure, she fell forward, hitting her head on the counter, splitting her skull and causing internal bleeding and brain swelling.  The seizures began after a poorly prescribed cocktail of prescription medications for anxiety, ADHD, depression, stress management, chronic pain and sleep.  On 7-10 daily medications with a few others to help with side effects of the others, she started feeling like she was losing moments and her memory began to lag.  For someone with excellent recall abilities and retention, it was apparent that something wasn't right.  With no sleep and constant headaches, she went back to the doctor and put on another medication.  Two days later she was in ER and they were preparing to drill into her brain to relieve the swelling.  In the hospital they were able to see that she was having seizures and that they were not from epilepsy, but the drugs she had been prescribed.  She lost feeling in her hands and feet completely.  Wasn't able to complete a cohesive sentence.  No short term memory and debilitating migraines almost constantly, she was overwhelmed and ready to give up.  After 4 months of extremely expensive recovery and therapy, she was able to return to a fairly normal and life.  But it wasn't for almost a year that everything had subsided and she was able to be productive again.  And pay off what seemed like a lifetime of medical bills.

Marlies and her husband Jeff swore off these dangerous pills and began to seek out natural treatments and therapy for both their symptoms associated to the ailments they had been enduring.  After years of research, it was apparent that the extract found in Marijuana and Hemp was seeing incredible results in private studies and they began reaching out to growers and distributors to try and find a legal way to be able to get this plant extract.  

In 2014 a law was passed, legalizing the production of Industrial Hemp and there opened the opportunity for several CBD focused companies to offer oils, salves and other medicinal hemp extracted products that would show great promise.  With shipping legal to Texas, Jeff found a brand on a podcast and immediately purchased for them both.  Within weeks they saw improvements:  calm mind and body, better sleep, reduced muscle and joint pain.  Two years and several brands later, they came across a company with farms in Oregon and Europe that looked promising.  Their products were superior in every way...  taste, cost, bio-availability and RESULTS.  

They are living their best life now.  Hemp saved them.  CBD was the answer to their prayers.  


We use Sub AND Super critical C02 extraction.. Now, that may not mean much to you, but it means a LOT to us. We usually come out with ~18-25% pure CBD after the first extraction process…. (believe it or not this is actually very high for the industry). And we don’t stop there – we continue with our meticulous process until we’ve “weeded” out all the impurities, to get this whopping 99% pure cannabinoids.


Why is purity important? Because the CBD market isn’t regulated. So a company can take a drop of CBD oil full of impurities, add it to a bottle of hemp oil, and call it CBD. And sadly that’s exactly what many companies do. This is why these test results are so important! 


Nano-Amplified CBD products are an extremely absorb-able form of cannabidiol. These molecules are all-natural, but made 100 times smaller by our proprietary technology. This means there is literally NO waste. Your body can utilize virtually all of what you pay for!

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Our company sources the best that HEMP can provide.  We are currently sourcing new options for our customers every day!  Currently we carry and offer online ordering of Sublingual Oils, Edibles, Bath Products, Topicals and soon, our own skin care!

We hope in the future to have a full line of clothing, home decor, alternative treatments and beauty products.  

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Our CBD comes from imported organic Hemp and adheres to very high agricultural standards and strict laws prohibiting GMOs, pesticides & poisons. We 3rd party test each batch and make that available to all our customers.  The extracted cannabinoids are mixed into a bottle of Emulsified MCT oil (Coconut), the best carrier oil due to fat content, liquidity and clarity.  We also carry full spectrum in Hemp oil by request.  

Our products adhere to the strict NO THC standards that many states are currently regulating. 

We hope to help you make an informed decision on how to use Hemp products for your body as well as how you can be a part of sharing the amazing changes this plant has provided for us EVERY BODY.